Let us help you take off the burden of staffing your organization

About us: Wallstreet Recruitment Services Limited (WRSL) is a Nigerian company that provides manpower & HR solutions to various companies with emphasis on satisfying the recruitment needs of our numerous clients. Our technical recruitment team has extensive experience with head-hunting, selecting, matching and qualifying senior/middle management candidates for various sectors including Fintech, Banking & Financial […]

7 good character qualities recruiters want to see in a job candidate

Though some jobs call for an endless combination of skills from a candidate, the most sought-after employee qualities are often general, whether you’re a chemical engineer, banker, sales associate, or mailroom worker. So what are these greatly desired good qualities? Ambition “Someone who is ambitious comes prepared to the interview and expresses lots of interest […]

9 Things To Do When You’re Running Late For A Job Interview

Damn! It’s 11:48 a.m. and you’re stuck in traffic on your way to the interview for the job of your dreams scheduled for 12p.m! You’ve only got 12 minutes to get there, and you know that there’s just no way you’ll be able to make it on time. But before you drop your head against […]


Before I go deep into this article, I would like to simply explain the term “Value” – Value is when you consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial. When it comes to being successful and getting ahead in your career, many people share the all too familiar advice: “You have to add value […]

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