How To Use Twitter For Recruiting Candidates

Reasons you should recruit on Twitter: The first social recruitment site you think of may not be Twitter. After all, Twitter is not geared towards professional networking. But how to recruit on Twitter is a necessary skill for any recruiter. You may be asking yourself, “why?” The answer is: it’s worth a shot. Here are […]

7 Hiring Best Practices Made Simple For Your Organization

This article is a guideline that talks about time testing tactics that recruiters and hiring managers can use to make recruiting less time consuming and uncomplicated. As hiring experts, we at Wallstreet Recruitment Services have developed what we call our Dogmatic Approach to hiring.  This means we take a stand on global best practices which […]

8 Recruiting Time Management Techniques You Must Use Now As A Recruiter

Recruitment can be a challenging task and you have to manage your time efficiently. You have to look for search assignments. You have to prepare proposals. You have to post advertisements. You have to source and screen candidates. You have to interview them. In short, there are a lot of things to accomplish before you […]

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