Six reasons why employees do not like Human Resource (HR) departments

Employees hate Human Resources for different reasons, some are logical reasons based on bad experiences with HR teams, whereas other reasons why employees hate HR shows the employees’ lack of knowledge about the role of HR in the workplace. Here are the six top reasons employees do not like Human Resource departments: 1) Untrained HR Employees: […]


Whether you are just starting out on your career journey, or have skipped a few stones along the path, there is no doubt that you always wanted to get inside the mind of your manager to understand what its like to be them for a day and understand what really annoys them. The most interesting […]

10 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

It’s every manager’s misery when one of your best employees resigns out of the blue. Right away, you’ve got a whole new set of challenges to tackle on top of your daily responsibilities. Not only do you have to find a replacement for such a talented team member, but you also have to consider the […]

See The Reasons Your Business Needs a Compensation Survey

Compensation survey provides opportunity to compare the compensation level in the organization to the compensation level in the labour market. Information on salaries, incentives, bonuses, benefits for performers of different positions, as well as information on trends of employee compensation policy and forecasted changes in compensation in particular market segments and in the general labour […]

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