Interesting Benefits of Applying For Loan & Investing With Wallstreet Financial Advisory Services

Wallstreet Group is a Nigerian organization with understanding of global best practices which we use in delivering professional services to our clients.

In Wallstreet Group (, we have 3 major subsidiaries – Wallstreet Financial Advisory Services, Wallstreet Recruitment & Wallstreet HR Services.

Helping people have access to credit facilities and quality financial services sits at the core of our heart. Our mission is to empower all “eligible” people with the financial access they need to pursue a life of dignity and prosperity. We empower individuals with access to credit, high yield investment opportunities and easy-to-use tools for personal financial management.

We help individuals with personal loans.

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Personal Loan:

We give personal loans from NGN50,000 up to NGN5,000,000. We help you get the money you need in a fast, secure, and trusted way. Take advantage of available product features and get funded today! We have:

24/7 Approvals:

Life doesn’t take days off and neither do we. Personal loan funding is available every day of the week.

Get funded in 3-5 hours:

Get NGN50,000 – NGN5,000,000 in less than 5 hours.


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Business Loans:

We help business owners like you get the job done. Our talented business specialists can help you get the funds you need fast.

We have:

Same Day Funding:

Business lending at the speed of now. We can help fund your business in as fast as 2-5 hours.

No Pre-Payment Penalty: Get the funds you need and payoff your balance at any time without penalty.


No Collateral: No collateral? No problem.


True Consolidation: We can help replace your daily to weekly debts with one low monthly payment.


  • We offer the highest returns available in the market. You can earn up to 15% per annum in RoI.
  • Option of upfront RoI (Return on investment).
  • Our rates are fixed for the duration of the investment.
  • With our investments you can create an additional source of income and also Make informed decisions and invest with greater confidence.
  • You can Fix your available funds for specific periods and earn significant returns on your investment. You can earn Monthly but you Earn more on fixed tenor investments.
  • Short term investment options are available plus you can Liquidate anytime within our stated conditions.

Other Benefits of Investing With Wallstreet Group (Financial Advisory Services): 

  • Tough selection criteria:

Before being selected, every investment proposal is subjected to thorough and rigorous analysis. Our credit analysis team assess and evaluate each business against our own strict criteria.

  • Excellent service & transparency:

We provide you with the information we believe you need to decide on an investment offer. We ensure the structure of each investment and its potential return are clear, transparent and simple – and you won’t be charged any investor fees.

  • Rigorous due diligence process:

We confirm that the business is robust and that its claims are valid. Our highly experienced team ensure that all business opportunities presented to you are professionally vetted.

Enjoy Passive Income:


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