Let us help you take off the burden of staffing your organization

About us: Wallstreet Recruitment Services Limited (WRSL) is a Nigerian company that provides manpower & HR solutions to various companies with emphasis on satisfying the recruitment needs of our numerous clients. Our technical recruitment team has extensive experience with head-hunting, selecting, matching and qualifying senior/middle management candidates for various sectors including Fintech, Banking & Financial […]

Seven Things To Do After A Really Bad Job Interview

Have you ever left a job interview knowing you did not do well? Chances are you have and you probably handled the situation by beating yourself up and putting that opportunity behind you. But there is no benefit in walking away from the job or employer with a negative attitude. Bad interviews can be very […]

#Tips: How to market yourself to a prospective employer

CV’s are stories you tell about yourself. Where you have been, what you have done and how you can help a prospective employer. They require customization to make them fit a new culture, business, and opportunity. Marketing yourself requires treating a prospective employer like a target audience. The more information you can gather about your […]

What to bring to a job interview

Once you have gotten a job interview, be sure that you are well-prepared, as this is likely your main chance to convince an employer that you are the best candidate for the job. Your attitude, appearance and answers to questions are the major factors that will determine if you will get the job or not. […]

5 Essential Steps To Follow When Creating Your Employer Branding Video

In this article, we are going to be talking about EMPLOYER BRANDING and the steps to take when creating an employer branding video in order to demonstrate the CULTURE of the organization and SERVICES the organization renders. Employer brand illustrates an employer’s reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition, as opposed […]

#Recruitment: Creating a candidate pipeline

Building a candidate pipeline refers to the process of selecting a group of qualified and eligible people interested in learning about job opportunities as they become available to the organization in future interest. They ‘pipeline’ candidates because their skills, experience, and traits match a role for which there is no immediate hiring need. Building a […]

How to Hire and Retain Specialty Employees

It’s getting difficult to attract and retain top talents. Most organizations start with the process of sourcing new employees but don’t put time and effort into developing the company culture into one where people want to stay (and so, the cycle is ongoing). Based on this, we recommend a bottom up approach to hiring specialty […]

How To Use Twitter For Recruiting Candidates

Reasons you should recruit on Twitter: The first social recruitment site you think of may not be Twitter. After all, Twitter is not geared towards professional networking. But how to recruit on Twitter is a necessary skill for any recruiter. You may be asking yourself, “why?” The answer is: it’s worth a shot. Here are […]

7 Hiring Best Practices Made Simple For Your Organization

This article is a guideline that talks about time testing tactics that recruiters and hiring managers can use to make recruiting less time consuming and uncomplicated. As hiring experts, we at Wallstreet Recruitment Services have developed what we call our Dogmatic Approach to hiring.  This means we take a stand on global best practices which […]

8 Recruiting Time Management Techniques You Must Use Now As A Recruiter

Recruitment can be a challenging task and you have to manage your time efficiently. You have to look for search assignments. You have to prepare proposals. You have to post advertisements. You have to source and screen candidates. You have to interview them. In short, there are a lot of things to accomplish before you […]

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