About Us

About Us

Wallstreet Group is a group that attempts to meet the needs of Nigerians in terms of delivering the key ingredients needed to deliver excellent services required to build an excellent business. Profitability is desired by every organization. Productivity fuels the goal of every organization. The principles of management that dictates how exactly to manage profitability & productivity centres around three major areas of focus: MAN (personnel development), MACHINE (infrastructure) and MONEY (finance).

We attempt to focus on Man and Personnel by addressing the employment matrix. Wallstreet Recruitment Services Limited (WRSL) attempts to proffer solutions to the unemployment issues in country – WRSL finds the right people for employment to fill open positions on behalf of our numerous clients. WRSL headhunts for top level executive positions and manage graduate trainee programs. WRSL gives back by adequately educating graduates and job applicants on how to ensure they have a good CV and be sure their CVs are presenting the right message to prospective employers. WRSL assist prospective employees/candidates to prepare for interviews, coach them on what is expected during an interview session and how to negotiate salaries.

Our second subsidiary attempts to address the major issues relating to Finance in Nigeria. Access to credit/loans and where to invest. Wallstreet Financial Advisory Services Limited (WFASL) strives to assist Nigerians (both corporate and non-corporate) to make interest earning investments on one hand and on the other, provide access to loans ranging from the sum of NGN50,000 (Fifty thousand Naira) to NGN3Million Naira (Three Million Naira). Our loans are disbursed within 5 hours from when the application is received. Whilst the investment arm offers interested persons opportunities for to earn up to 15% per annum (Return on Investment – RoI) of the amount invested with the added advantage of electing to receive the RoI either upfront or at the end of the investment tenor.

Wallstreet HR Services Limited (WHRSL) is a one-stop Glocal solution provider of all HR related consultancy services. WHRSL pride itself as being able to combine global best practices and standards within the context of our local (Nigerian) market to design bespoke solutions for our esteemed clients. WHRSL addresses your HR needs, manage payroll services for your contractors, handle Training and Development, Performance Management, Compensation Surveys, HR Policy Review and Update, HR Consulting for SME’s and other HR related services. Our experience cuts across various industries including Banking & Finance, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, IT, FMCG’s, Fintech’s, Constructions and recently some SME’s.

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