Wallstreet Recruitment Services

We help our clients to find the best talent with the most relevant skills for their business

Wallstreet HR Services

We provide all HR related consultancy services

Wallstreet Financial and Advisory Services

We help individuals with personal and business loans

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About Us

We are a Nigerian organisation with understanding of global best practices which we use in delivering professional services to our clients.

Wallstreet is a highly dynamic and flexible organisation which gives us the opportunity to provide scalable resourcing solutions, from filling a single vacancy to running a volume recruitment campaign. Our team-culture ensures that client requirements are given equal attention regardless of the volume. Our in-house recruitment team is available to make bespoke solutions to meet organizational objectives.

Our Companies

Wallstreet Recruitment Services

We assist companies in engaging Consultants, Skilled Personnel and Manpower to Multi-national companies in various industries i.e. Telecoms, banking, Investment bank, IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Fintech.

Wallstreet HR Services

Wallstreet HR Services Limited (WHRSL) is your one-stop Glocal solution provider to all HR related consultancy services, we pride ourselves as being able to combine Global practice and standards within the context of our Local (Nigerian Market)…

Wallstreet Financial and Advisory Services

Helping people have access to credit facilities and quality financial services sits at the core of our heart. Our mission is to empower all “eligible” people with the financial access they need to pursue a life of dignity and prosperity.

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